Angel Intuitive Card Readings

Spiritual Intuitive Card Readings

Angels are Divine messengers who are non-judgmental embodying energies like Love, Peace, Compassion and healing.
We each have 2 guardian angels as well as spirit guides.Intuitive Angel 002

We all have free will and although we are personally responsible for our actions, the angels can help us choose the most effective plan of action when we ask for their assistance.

The angels can help us heal physically, emotionally & spiritually.
They assist us with issues with our health, relationships and life purpose.

Working with the angelic realm intuitively enables me to shed some light on your situation from a fifth dimensional perspective, which will help you to see either what the lesson is or for you, to make you think or reflect, or to confirm something and clarify your options going forward. It is not about predicting the future. We are ‘pointers’ not ‘director’s’. I may also us other tools such as colour therapy to gain clarity on your issues and path ahead..

The cards drawn will be directed by the angels themselves in order for you to receive insight regarding the situation you are asking about.

Etheric Cord Cutting.

These ‘cords’ are fear based connections to people places and objects, that pass dysfunctional energy back and forth. They have nothing to do with the love or the healthy part of the relationship. Cutting cords isn’t disconnecting the love it’s just releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship. Creates a clearer and more loving relationship with the person

Benefits of Etheric Cord Cutting

Helps clear emotional blocks that are restrictive and holding you back

Allows new and more improved love relationship to happen.

Creates space for new insights & ideas.

Helps release the past and brings now found freedom.

Create more clarity, peace and joy in your life

The readings are available face to face or via email payment  Cash or PayPal. £44
You will usually receive your reading within 3 days and may take a little longer during exceptionally busy times.

Tel: 01842 762099
Angel Intuitive Reading £44
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