Axiatonal Alignment

The Axiatonal Alignment was originally developed by Janet Digiovanni and is a wonderful Spiritual tool that will aid you living your true life purpose.

For many years people have reported experiencing profound healings of physical, emotional and mental imbalances and awakening to a deeper level of their Divine Essence and purpose.

An Axiatonal Alignment will connect your meridians to the universal grid system and the planetary grid system, allowing you to bring in highly refined energies that will balance and upgrade your present energetic system. It will not change who you are, but it will refine you and help you to more easily work through the challenges your soul chose for your life’s journey and growth.

It is done over 2 sessions, usually about 24 hours apart to allow for the required sleep cycle in between each session. The first part helps to ‘open the vessel’ or ‘clean out’ the energy system, while the second deepens the connection. This is connection to the Unity Consciousness grid, allowing for recalibration to take place reconnecting you to the Oneness of All.
Fee £66

Tel: 01842 762099

Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3AU, UK