Archangel Ascension Workshop

Archangel Ascension Workshop
18th & 19th May 2019 in Thetford

Ascension is about having the desire and intention to consciously move to a higher level of being and raising our vibration to the level of Light.

Would you like to have a greater connection with your soul’s light & energy?
Please join us on this healing, inspiring fun filled day connecting you with the higher realms of light.

This 2 day workshop includes but not limited to:

Updating of the Fifth Dimensional Chakra System
12 chakra Preparation and Activation of Your Fifth-Dimensional Merkabah
Archangels Associated with the Chakras
Meditation to open our 33 Petal Heart
How to Clear & Balance Chakras
Metatron’s Light Bath
The Importance of Purification
Embracing Abundance Consciousness
Angelic Healing Techniques
Ascension Card Messages
and more knowledge on the Angelic Realm.

Home prepared vegetarian lunches, teas and refreshments throughout the weekend will be provided. Workshop hand-outs and certificate of attendance are also included in the fee.

For more information please contact Louise either via telephone or email.
Fee £222

Tel: 01842 762099
Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3AU, UK