Manifestation Acceleration Technique

Manifestation Acceleration Technique Workshop (MAT)

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10.30am to 5pm       ArchangelMichael
A very powerful one day workshop with a registered teacher.
You will learn how to rapidly accelerate your manifestation abilities, helping you:
Clearly define your goals & to help you choose what you really want.
The MAT programme is simple to learn & easy to integrate into everyday life.
Regular use of this technique involves a process called soul rotation which changes and improves lives. This may cause responses and a rapid reality shift which is expedited by the soul and is part of the soul’s journey toward fulfilment and ascension.
Archangel Micheal is very excited about it & wants as many people as possible to be certified to teach this process, so come & learn this great technique & help yourself & others do the same!

M.A.T. can be applied to relationships, health, joy and happiness, abundance/money/wealth/  success, soul mate, new home/car/possessions etc – anything you desire.

I personally have experienced the amazing results of this process, which I will have the pleasure in sharing with all who attend the workshop, so come along and join us on this empowering day and discover what it can do for you!

At the end of the course (For Teacher level only)  you will  be eligible to join the UK register as a certified teacher  with Rev Gregory Possman & recieve:

A certificate for teaching the technique.
Teacher/students manual.
You will also be able to purchase:

The double CD outlining this incredible technique as taught by Archangel Micheal, channelled through Gregory Possman at a live seminar!

Positive change guaranteed!

Workshop Fee for Teacher level £105 includes certificate for teaching M.A.T.  teacher/student manual, lunch & refreshments throughout the day!

email me for booking form!

Tel: 01842 762099
MAT Workshop

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